Real estate and technology: Is your firm a learning organization?

The real estate technology sector has developed new and innovative solutions to aggregate, analyze and search publicly available data.

By Richard Du January 22, 2017
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Today’s real estate technology firms are finding ways to make the lives of real estate professionals easier. The real estate technology sector has developed new and innovative solutions to aggregate, analyze and search publicly available data and make it retrievable in seconds with just the touch of a button. Online platforms and mobile applications – Agorafy included – are being developed to share data and property information among real estate industry professionals and the public. These real estate technology tools are making our real estate research smarter and faster, and enabling us to connect with colleagues and close business transactions at lightning quick speeds. But, for all the benefits that technology provides the industry, real estate tech firms must correspondingly learn from their users and evolve to best serve clients. Real estate tech firms, like real estate firms themselves, should strive to nurture a learning environment and become learning organizations.

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In many ways, traditional real estate firms are learning organizations. What is a “learning organization”, you may ask? Generally, a learning organization is one skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and capable of modifying the company’s behavior to reflect newly acquired knowledge and insights. For example, a broker trains a salesperson to conduct market research, analyze current data, and create a report for a client. A learning organization can also be described by the way it behaves, adapts and innovates. Learning organizations are skilled at activities such as: systematic problem solving, experimentation with new approaches, learning from their own and others’ history, experiences, and best practices, and transferring knowledge quickly and efficiently. From my experience, real estate firms incorporate many or all of these review practices into their daily operations and show great adeptness in executing new strategies for improvement.

Real estate professionals understand that to compete in our ultra competitive industry, a company’s resources, tools and processes must be refined and responsive on the one hand and innovative and cutting edge on the other. Chief among a real estate firm’s resources are its people; the agents and employees that enable the business to function and that sustain the industry as a whole. Not surprisingly, then, the investment of time and energy to educate and support real estate professionals is paramount to a real estate firm’s success. To improve a firm’s competitive standing, their people must be well-informed and also willing to continue to learn their craft to innovate and provide efficiencies. To that end, personnel can be empowered in their professional development through access to superior real estate technology. Because armed with the right tools, real estate professionals get the job done, closing deals and solidifying relationships that grow business and keep the industry thriving. Therefore, on a fundamental level, a real estate firm’s success and innovation starts with the knowledge of each individual agent, and can be quantified when reaching the firm’s overarching business goals.

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Real estate technology can and should facilitate both individual and firm-wide goals by providing valuable time and money savings to users. Here too, real estate techies can learn and draw from the learning organization notion. One way that I interpret and implement the learning organization view at Agorafy is to boil the idea down to Three “P’s”:

People: Professionals are the engine that drives the real estate industry. And whether you are talking about real estate professionals or techies, great people learn and adapt to changes in their field.

At Agorafy, our team has direct industry experience in real estate and technology, which informs our innovative vision. We understand that the real estate industry is anchored by its professionals and the relationships they build. Technology helps speed the connection and communication of real estate pros, and informs their decision-making when data is accurate. We stand ready to assist you to meet your daily challenges by providing unmatched services and data. We welcome engagement from users and love feedback. Please feel free to contact us anytime with comments or questions at, so we can better serve you.

Product: A product’s design should be universal so that it is usable by as many people as possible. This mantra guides Agorafy’s development. In our estimation, real estate technology should also serve a beneficial purpose for all users – property owners, real estate professionals, and consumers – by adding value. Thus, Agorafy gives users a platform to: (a) market exclusive real estate listings, (b) publicize and advertise their professional experience by creating a professional profile, (c) quickly and easily search for general or detailed property information and verified market data, and (d) conveniently search for and contact real estate professionals directly.

Process: Your people and products work hard to produce efficiencies that improve process results. Agorafy simplifies the way real estate research and marketing has historically been conducted, saving real estate professionals’ time and money. Agorafy houses a powerful real estate search engine, verified commercial and residential market data and property information, unparallelled marketing capabilities, and a rich set of reporting and subscription features on one platform. Want to reduce the time spent scouring the web for available real estate listings with accurate contact information? Want to produce actionable reports and tour information without having to spend hours cutting and pasting pieces of text from all over the internet? Want to easily submit and manage your real estate listings for one dashboard and increase marketing exposure? For these and other features to simplify your daily grind, start working smarter and faster at

Agorafy is making history by innovating for the future of the real estate industry. Our willingness and ability to respond quickly to our new users, agilely adapt to customer needs, and create value for real estate professionals sets us apart – not to mention the platform’s sleek user experience, cutting edge technology to search property information, expanded marketing capabilities to directly submit and broadcast your listings and professional experience to the world, and the wealth of verified market data that is available for both commercial and residential listings. Check us out at and harness the power of our open real estate marketplace today!

Richard Du



Richard Du, founder and CEO of Agorafy, was born in Vietnam and raised in the United States. As a child, he worked to support his family until he had the chance to immigrate to the America. Here, he began his career as an agent at Helmsley Spear, which he eventually parlayed into a lucrative real estate business. More than a decade later, Mr. Du is at the helm of Agorafy.
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