Unleash Your Inner Stalker: Top Five Apartments Next To NYC Celebrities

Unleash Your Inner Stalker: Top Five Apartments Next To NYC Celebrities

By Team Agorafy September 23, 2016
Photo courtesy of Martin Schoeller

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”D” font=”Bowlby One SC” color_class=”otw-black-text” background_color_class=”otw-no-background” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-no-border-color”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]umpster bombs. Sickos with poop bags. 14-dollar kale salads. At times, it might seem that New York is one gigantic insane asylum, but you know what is great? We get to share our insane asylum—AKA New York—with the world’s finest: actors, singers, and celebrities with somewhat mysterious talents.

The only problem is, most of us simple mortals have to content ourselves with random celebrity encounters in cafes or subway. And while you have probably mastered the art of snatching your iPhone at the speed of light once you’ve heard the fateful word, “Look, Morgan Freeman!” we at Agorafy think it’s time to up your game.

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There’s this awesome map that shows which celebrities live in exactly which parts of the city. Now you can take your apartment-hunting to the whole new level—that is, if your budget allows. Maybe you have always wanted to bump into Neil Patrick Harris, preferably, on a weekly basis? Well, according to the map, all you’d have to do is move to Harlem—granted, there is no shortage of apartments this neighborhood: We have 33 listed on Agorafy.

A confession is in order here: We at Agorafy do have a soft spot for certain celebrities. So, our data team thought it would be fun to window shop and check how much it might cost to rent a place next to the rich and famous. Here comes our Top Five Apartments Next To NYC Celebrities list—after all, yelling at Keanu Reeves for leaning on a train poll because you mistook him for a homeless person is nowhere near as satisfying as casually nodding to him in a local bodega.

1. Adan Hurtado’s pick

Apartment: 555 West 23rd Street

Live next to: Joakim Noah

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Says Adan, “I picked Noah because he is funny, true competitor and outspoken (LeBron James prefers to call it “disrespectful trash talk” – Ed.). He seems like he would be a cool guy to hang out with. He lives a few blocks from our office and if we become friends, I can get Knick tickets.”

The apartment that Adan chose is located in a great area with plenty of nice restaurants and costs $3700 a month. It’s also close to Chelsea Piers. Maybe Joachim Noah would be up for a jog or a quick ball game? Now, that might prove to be an intensive experience given Noah’s competitive spirit.

2. Dalton Leung’s pick

Apartment: 36 Gramercy Park East

Live next to: Jim Parsons

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Dalton here is a fan of the Big Bang Theory and the Sheldon character.

Some of our colleagues might think that Jim Parsons comes across as somewhat creepy, but there is no denying that he is funny as hell. Now, the apartment that Dalton chose is a bit pricey—it costs $5600 a month—but the quiet and peaceful Gramercy Park neighborhood is a prize in itself.


3. Rebecca Contreras’ pick

Apartment: 1755 York Avenue

Live next to: Drew Barrymore

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

According to Rebecca, sharing the neighborhood with Drew Barrymore might be fun because the latter is “funny and a good actress.”

The apartment that Rebecca chose is a spacious 3-bedroom that boasts such amenities as a doorman, gym, a washer and a dryer—perfect for families with kids. (By the way, Drew Barrymore has kids, too. Would she be open to socializing over smoothies and strollers? – Ed.). This gem can be yours for $6495 a month.


4. Andrea Shen’s pick

Apartment: 27 West 72nd Street

Live next to: Anne Hathaway

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan
Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

So, a little bird told us that Anne Hathaway just bought a new house on the Upper West Side last February. We don’t mean to get your hopes high, but, perhaps she might feel a bit lonely and looking to make some good neighborly connections? But even if she isn’t, the coolest thing about this neighborhood is that it’s literally crawling with celebrities. Tina Fey, Donna Karan, Bono—who doesn’t live there? The apartment that Andrea chose is a stone throw from Central Park West, newly renovated and costs $4500.


5. Harrison Du’s pick

Apartment: 304 Spring Street

Live next to: Samuel L. Jackson

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Harrison here loves living—or at least dreaming—big. The apartment he chose might come out as a little too pricey ($13500 a month, to be precise. This price tag almost scared our pants off – Ed.), but it does look stunning. Says Harrison, “Soho is one of favorite places to be. This beautiful condo is fairly close to my man Jackson, plus the access to trains and shopping areas is really easy.”

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