• What is Agorafy?
    Agorafy is a dynamic real estate marketplace that helps you quickly find real estate opportunities so you can make informed decisions. Agorafy aggregates the most comprehensive set of real estate data including commercial listings, residential listings, property information, market analysis tools, and direct contact information. On Agorafy you will find: Residential
    • Apartments for Lease
    • Apartments for Sale
    • Townhouses for Sale
    • Single Family Homes for Sale
    • Retail Space for Lease
    • Office Space for Lease
    • Investment Buildings for Sale
    Property Information
    • Building Details
    • Ownership Contact Information
    • Zoning Information
    • Historical Listing Activity
    In addition, Agorafy is also New York’s most comprehensive directory for active real estate professionals and real estate firms.
  • Who can use Agorafy?
    In a word—everyone. Agorafy brings brokers and agents, property owners and managers, investors, commercial tenants, residential tenants, and residential home buyers and sellers together in order to streamline the real estate process.
  • What's required in order to list a space on Agorafy?
    In order for any listing to be published, we require only five pieces of information. This helps brokers and property owners present complete and accurate listings. The required information include:
    1. The current asking price
    2. The total square footage of the available space
    3. High resolution photos of the building, interior space or apartment
    4. The listing broker’s or landlord’s full contact information, including phone and email.
    5. Any use restrictions (i.e., is food/cooking allowed?)
    Just submit all of this information when completing the submit listing form. Our verification team will get started on publishing the listing right away!
  • How can I get my listings up on Agorafy?
    There are two ways you can submit your listings to Agorafy. You can register for free here, Log in to Agorafy and fill out the "Submit a new listing" form here, or you can send them directly to along with all the information listed in Question #3 above.
  • Does Agorafy accept residential listing feeds?
    Absolutely! We currently are accepting residential feeds from RealPlus, and Nestio. We also have the ability to build a customized listing feed from your company directly to Agorafy. If you have any questions regarding getting your listings synced with our system, just drop us a line at
  • Where do you get your listings from?
    The majority of our listings are submitted directly to Agorafy by the exclusive listing broker or property owner. Our team also continuously sources listings directly from listing feeds, broker websites, broker marketing campaigns, and by canvassing NYC neighborhoods street by street. All listing information is then verified with the exclusive broker or property owner by our verification team before being published on Agorafy.
  • How often are these listings updated?
    We verify each listing at least once every 60 days. But since we know how important it is for listings to be accurate, our verification team continuously updates Agorafy with new listings and takes listings off market once we’re aware of them. If a broker just leased their existing space, they can just let us know by submitting a “Submit a listing update” request from the listing page or by sending an email to We’ll get going on verifying and updating that information!
  • What's the cost to search for listings?
    No cost. It's free.
  • What's the cost to list a space on Agorafy?
    Also no cost. It's free.
  • I see an error on one of my listings. How can it be corrected?
    There are two ways you can get this done. One way is via the listing page, where you click on "Submit a listing update" and fill out the requested information. A second way is by sending an e-mail to with the updates. In both instances, the verification team first verifies the information, then makes the requested changes on Agorafy.
  • One of my listings has been leased or sold and it's still on your site. Can it be taken down?
    If one of your listings has been leased or sold and it's still listed on Agorafy, click on "Submit a listing update" to make a change in market status. Or, you can shoot us a quick email at telling us it's leased or sold. Our verification team gets started on verifying that information before changing the status of that listing to "off market."
  • How many listings am I limited to showing?
    How many do you have? We don’t believe in limiting brokers to a certain number of listings. But only one listing submission is allowed for any one space. Whether you’ve got 1 or 10, you’re welcome to submit those listings to us.
  • I'm a listings coordinator for my company's brokers. Can I submit listings on their behalf?
    Absolutely! We love working with listings coordinators!
  • How do I search on Agorafy?
    It depends on how you want to search for listings. First select the borough you wish to search. Then enter in the neighborhood, zip code, street, or even a specific address right in the search field, then click "Search." See those results show up. If there currently aren't any listings at the address you searched for, the property information for that address will show up.
  • Can I search for buildings for sale?
    Yes, Agorafy supports investment sales listings! On Agorafy, users can quickly search our open platform for a wide range of investment sales properties or easily submit their exclusive assignment for marketing purposes. To search for Investment Sales listings simply select the Borough in which you would like to search, select “Investment” from the second drop down menu and click “Search”. To submit your investment sales listing, login to your account and input your information, or email details to Currently, Agorafy features a variety of investment sales property types, including: retail condos, office condos, mixed-use buildings, multi-family buildings, office buildings, retail buildings, development sites, conversion sites, and hotels. Users can easily narrow down their search by asset type and price on the search results page.
  • Which markets does Agorafy support?
    Agorafy fully supports Manhattan and all of the outer boroughs that make up New York City.
  • Will you be expanding to other markets?
    Agorafy is focused on expansion in the coming year both within the Tri-State region and into other Urban Markets.
  • Can I search for a specific size or price range?
    Yes! Click on the downward arrow at the right of the search box to perform an advanced search. Here you can specify a price range per month or square foot, as well as by size.
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