Prepare Your Listings Because Facebook’s Dynamic Ads For Real Estate Are Here

Realtors can automatically promote their home listings on Facebook or Instagram.

By Team Agorafy August 8, 2017

It was only a matter of time before Facebook fully introduced a well-rounded solution for the real estate industry: advertising on the platform. The popular social network has launched its brand new “Dynamic Ads for Real Estate“. This product will automatically promote directly brokers’ listings on the platform.

This does not come as a surprise since a couple of years ago, Facebook launched a format for ads tailored to retailers who wanted to retarget people browsing their website. The platform has increasingly developed new versions of their Dynamic Ads. These are customized for other industries and their target audiences (hotels, airlines).

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The Dynamic Ads product’s new version enables realtors to retarget people who browse home and apartment listings on their sites or apps with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Credit: Inman

The process is fairly simple, especially for those familiar with the way Facebook lays out its Dynamic Ads product—plus it is not that much different from the retail and travel system for advertising. The main addition is presented with the advertiser’s product catalog which is a realtor’s home listings.  The goal is “conversion”, meaning turning listings into ads that will appear on the Facebook and Instagram feeds of people who had checked out similar listings on the realtor’s site or app.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate can promote the following information: home price, description of home listing, year the home was built, availability, bedroom count, etc. The cross-device marketing promotes relevant listings from agent’s inventories, Facebook style.

“Real estate is an area we’re betting big on as a company,” Facebook’s real estate and financial services chief Keith Watts told Inman. “We think its content that consumers want to see.” One important thing to highlight is that the product would work best for those realtors who manage 100 listings or more.

“For the folks that can have that amount of volume, we think it’s going to work really well, and once it’s set up, it’s pretty much automatic, you don’t have to spend a lot of manpower to keep the system up and running,” Watts said to Inman.

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Facebook’s move ventures into Zillow’s territory. Last year, a partnership between the social network and Zillow Group was announced. Back then, agents could push ads to Facebook users that drive them to custom agent or property pages on Zillow or Trulia. But now that Dynamic Ads for real estate is happening, there is no confirmation of whether Zillow Group is using it or not.

Facebook might be getting closer to a deeper involvement with marketers and the real estate industry as a whole. “I think there’s a lot of ways that we can help the industry in general,” Watts said. Let’s wait and see what the next chapter holds for Dynamic Ads and its effect on the real estate industry.

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