Top Five Vacant Retail Spaces Next To NYC Schools

Why suffer working for the man? Be your own boss. Here’s where you can do it.

By Team Agorafy September 16, 2016

Remember how Fall and the approaching new school year was such an important time? Yeah, but that was before you were handed your super-useful diploma and released into the real adult world. Now September is when you’re dodging crowds of kids in college areas—with their pesky exuberance and loud rock and roll.But here’s the good news. These irksome youths are literally walking wallets—a goldmine for an aspiring entrepreneur. These kids are constantly handing their cash to local business owners. All you have to do is be there to take their money—before that trust fund gets wasted on Uber fares and beer.

If you ever dreamed of quitting your day job, here’s your chance. You can open a retail business for college kids. Here at Agorafy, our data team browsed through prime vacant retail spaces next to city schools and colleges and found some real gems. They even came up with some cool business ideas which might work just great for those stores. Just promise if you do make a fortune, you’ll send us a postcard (AKA, a check).

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New York University

Agorafy Pick: 15 West 8th Street


What caught our attention about this listing is the size. The space is huge—just like NYU. Open a trendy restaurant there, and it could become the next cool place all the kids want to get into. Don’t forget to charge mandatory tips for groups of 30 and, we beg you, don’t serve sake bombs. OK, maybe only for graduation parties. The flow of patrons might be running somewhat dry during exam season, but lucky for you, there will still be millions of other people walking by to make up for it.

Fordham University

Agorafy Pick:  305 East Fordham Road


Who says you can only make money in Manhattan? This     store is a textbook’s throw from the Fordham University, not to mention over four million other folks walking and driving through this area every year. What we really dig about this space is that there are no use restrictions so you’re only limited by your imagination. A deli or a juice shop might work just great there. College students are always on the go, so just give them a quick and filling smoothie and they’ll be on their way. Oh, did we mention the asking rent on this space is below median? Yeah, just did.


Hunter College

Agorafy Pick:  1037 Third Avenue


This small storefront is just a 5-minute walk from Hunter college. It used to sell fancy teas, but apparently college students are not into sophisticated and esoteric oolong selections (big surprise). Now this space is being marketed as a perfect spot for fashion, footwear and accessory retailers, which makes perfect sense to us. We’re thinking cool jewelry, hip but affordable for college girls? Just give them a student discount and sit back. Chances are, the next day they’ll show up again—with all their besties.


Parsons School of Design

Agorafy Pick: 47-49 West 14th Street


The size of this space—1200 square feet—is perfect for a café or semi-casual restaurant, which might appeal to the students of the New School located nearby. Let’s face it, most of the kids that got into this school probably have some money to splurge on a fancy fusion lunch. Besides, if you decide to go down that road, we at Agorafy will pay you frequent visits too, since this space is a walking distance from our office (and we love us some fusion).


Columbia University

Agorafy Pick: 965 Columbus Avenue


OK, we will cut to chase here: this space is really cheap. The asking monthly rent is way below the median rent—it’s just $5000 per month. Now, the Upper West Side might be a bit tricky. Whatever fancy business idea comes to your mind, name it—and it’s probably already there. Luckily, with Columbia University and its dorms just a 5-minute walk away, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Fresh coffee available 24/7, office supplies, sandwiches, phone chargers, —keep it convenient and simple. Everybody appreciates that—especially students.


Team Agorafy



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