Five Awesome Offices You Wished You Worked In

Tired of the cubicle and florescent lights? Show your boss these cool workspaces and dream a little.

By Jeff Vasishta January 18, 2017
Airbnb's HQ in Dublin. Photo courtesy of Donal Murphy/Dezeen

Work/life balance has been the buzz word on many companies’ lips for over a decade now. The key seems to be finding a way to be at work and actually having fun—an oxymoron for many. Millennial workforce increasingly embraces the idea of the gig economy—working from home and freelancing. So some firms have been going to extreme measures to attract employees to their offices. Central to their thinking is the layout of the office itself. For forward thinking companies, gone are the days of grey cubicles, florescent lights, and beige walls. A new era—chillin’ while working—is upon us. Some of these buildings may make you wish you not only worked there but owned an apartment within their hip walls, too.

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Airbnb, Dublin, Ireland

For a company that is all about the big chill while traveling, their Dublin, HQ, is quite something to behold. Dubbed The Warehouse, it has completely rebuilt a old warehouse, using design by the company’s in-house environments team in collaboration with Dublin-based practice Heneghan Peng Architects. Being able to easily locate other employees was crucial in the design which combines pale wood, metal, and plenty of glass and natural light. The office is divided into identical “neighborhoods”. There’s also a kitchen with an atrium where everything is interconnected.

“Our ambition has often been moderated by the constraints of an existing structure that can’t be altered,” Aaron Taylor Harvey, head of the environments team, told Dezeen. “It was with the Dublin Warehouse that we finally had the opportunity to provoke the level of interaction and crosstalk that we’ve always imagined.”

Selgas Cano Architecture Office by Iwan Baan/Selgas Cano, Spain

You’d hope an architect’s office would be something to take your breath away. After all, if they can’t spread their wings and be creative in their own office where can they? Selgas Cano don’t disappoint. The tubular sunken office appears in the Spanish woodland surrounded by nature. Half the building is submerged into the earth, which provides an extra layer of insulation in the winter and cools it during the summer.

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Creative Hub A/D/O., Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Talk of cool work spaces wouldn’t be complete without Brooklyn making it onto the list. Car brand MINI are the unlikely backers of the conversion of a Greenpoint warehouse into a creative workspace, restaurant and design store, featuring a “periscope” that reflects the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. Called Creative Hub A/D/O, it marks something of recent trend for auto brands diversifying their portfolios beyond vehicles.

Opened this month (January 2017), and designed by nArchitects, the communal workspace encompasses 23,000 square feet of space for designers and the public to congregate and share ideas. “Our aim is to be a catalyst for new and relevant work,” A/D/O managing director Nathan Pinsley told Dezeen rather vaguely. “Meaningful design requires exchange and stimulation and we’ve built a place entirely for that purpose.”

Lyttelton Studio Retreat / Bull O’Sullivan Architecture, Lyttleton, New Zealand

Retreat is the operative word in Lyttelton’s Studio Retreat by Bull O’Sullivaan Architecture. Nestled into the foothills of Lyttleton, New Zealand, this modern, airy and wooden office space allows creative types to dream up architectural wonders. It draws it’s inspiration from an all encompassing backdrop land, sky and water. It’s enough to make you never want to leave the office.

Publicis, Ad Agency, Times Square, New York

Architectural company Clive Wilksinson dreamt up this bright and wacky space in Times Square. The idea, according to Dezeen, was to eliminate traditional work boundaries for the new headquarters for the global adverting agency Publicis. The office houses 1200 employees, formerly spread across three former NYC offices. Part night club, part hotel and part chill-out millennial playpen, it puts its stuffier Times Square financial neighbors in the shade.


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